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What is Snackdown elimination replay round?

There is a new contest starting tomorrow called "SnackDown 2017 Online Elimination Round Replay". Can someone please tell me what it is about? Will it have the same questions as the elimination round? Is it a team contest? If so will all teams be able to participate or only the one's that have qualified to the elimination round?

asked 04 Jun '17, 00:42

abdullah768's gravatar image

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Same question here as well.

(04 Jun '17, 00:45) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Is this contest rated?

(04 Jun '17, 08:07) only44★

Hi, the contest will contain the same problems as that of the Elimination Round and anyone can take part in it. Note: It is not a team contest.


answered 04 Jun '17, 00:56

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0★admin ♦♦
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It is written in the description that Top 3 will get snackdown shirts while solutions from today's elimination round are still public.

(04 Jun '17, 01:02) dusht08144★

Thanks. @admin please reply to this.

(04 Jun '17, 03:33) abdullah7686★

@dusht0814 They announced that there are no prizes

(05 Jun '17, 00:21) equlnox5★

how many karma should i aggregate to ask a question.plz urgent and upvote me.


answered 04 Jun '17, 09:14

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If you want to ask a question, ask it at

To the users who upvoted him - We are trying to do away with system of sympathy upvote due to potential exploit. Please try to refer them to the thread instead of giving free upvotes. If the account turns out to be fake/karma farming, then you people will have no defense/valid reason on upvote given (which allowed the account to do malpractice).

(04 Jun '17, 16:11) vijju123 ♦♦5★

We need to keep bumping that post of yours every now and then so people know that it exists. or maybe codechef needs a feature to show "pinned" posts or something like that.

(04 Jun '17, 16:28) divyansh_gaba74★

I am talking to them regarding that....they are currently slow at getting back/replying back :/

(04 Jun '17, 16:58) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Ah, i hope they do something about it soon.

(04 Jun '17, 17:04) divyansh_gaba74★

You are right that some people do these type of things for karma farming but i am not that person and really i only ask 1 question for this i use it. but now i have enough karma in my account but i want to tell you one thing please look inside yourself and ask question with yourself that who is involved in karma farming.

(08 Jun '17, 01:12) todumanish4★
(08 Jun '17, 02:05) todumanish4★

@todumanish, you have already asked a question on 17th jan meaning you already had the karma for it, why do you want more now?

(08 Jun '17, 10:42) divyansh_gaba74★


please look inside yourself and ask question with yourself that who is involved in karma farming.

I looked inside...its you who is karma farming. Lets look here

diveshuttam voted up 4★todumanish answer on Why i am getting WA? 23 Dec '16

You ALREADY had enough karma to ask questions when you asked for sympathy upvotes. That aside,I am really clueless why 5 people upvoted this "I want to ask a question" when they can clearly see that you HAVE enough karma to ask the question.

Others, please atleast verify things before upvoting. Users need just 3 karma to ask a question.

(08 Jun '17, 11:45) vijju123 ♦♦5★
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@admin One can see someone's AC solution of Elimination round which held yesterday. So this replay round is of no use as every one has problem solution prior to the contest.


answered 04 Jun '17, 12:53

am10's gravatar image

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edited 04 Jun '17, 12:54

Exactly ..

(04 Jun '17, 20:01) ayan_nitd4★

Many have already solved all the problems. What's the point of this contest?


answered 04 Jun '17, 21:41

tony_hager's gravatar image

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Exactly! Whats the point??

(04 Jun '17, 22:41) vijju123 ♦♦5★


Can anyone takepart in the contest?


answered 04 Jun '17, 01:04

hruday968's gravatar image

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Yes, anyone can.

(04 Jun '17, 20:00) ayan_nitd4★

it's a real time copy of the main contest, ranks will be compared to others who have taken the contest.


answered 04 Jun '17, 08:01

manvscode's gravatar image

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Maybe it's, Show your speed and get a T-shirt.;)


answered 04 Jun '17, 15:57

manvscode's gravatar image

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That's indeed what this Replay round has reduced to, for some at least. Have a look here -

(04 Jun '17, 21:40) utkarsh19974★
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