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LOCMAY2017 Prizes?

I got an email 2 days back from that I had won a T-Shirt for getting the 31'st rank in LOCMAY2017. When I went to the site mentioned in the description, it mentioned that the prizes are only for school students from Kerala. I am a school student but I am not from Kerala. I have already emailed my details to the address mentioned. Does anybody know what exactly is happening?


asked 12 Jun '17, 16:09

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edited 12 Jun '17, 20:07

They are giving out T shirts for top 5 Indian school students(I have asked Anand sir). I am not sure why their site says its only for Kerala students. Congratulations by the way. :)


answered 12 Jun '17, 16:13

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Who's Anand Sir?

(12 Jun '17, 16:14) dhruvsomani4★

Anand Shenoi? Don't know him? He is the one who is responsible for the LOC contests :"3

(12 Jun '17, 16:15) ista2000 ♦4★

Oh! Thanks for the information. And congratulations to you too.

(12 Jun '17, 16:19) dhruvsomani4★
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