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java programming

I'm a beginner in Java programming. Should I prefer learning Core Java via online web courses or training centers? Many of my frns suggested me to learn it from youtube i.e online available tutorials and some suggested me to refer reference book like complete reference and balaguruswamy! I am confused wat to do?!

asked 26 Jun '17, 11:33

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yeah.. its perfectly fine,u can learn it from youtube even i learnt from youtube.. there are many resources available online ,freeOfcourse to learn java from basic to advanced like theNewBoston, durgasoft, telusko learning and many more.. so i think no need to waste money for online course or training center.. One advise i can give u, dont give too much time on learning syntax of any programing language.. start working on your logics and concepts-- this is mistake done by me when i was learing java

i wasted 6 months to just learnign syntax for core and advanced java.. so try to learn basic implementation and start practicing on online judge like codechef, hackerRank and many more.. it will help you and while practice it will automatically make u strong on java syntax


answered 26 Jun '17, 13:27

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Learning from a book always gives you a right path. And The Complete reference to Java is a great book to start with. I also learned it from there. Also follow some youtube videos or some sites like stackoverflow to clear your doubts. Best of Luck.


answered 26 Jun '17, 17:46

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You can learn it from youtube but where ever you learn it from one thing is most important i.e PRACTICE(Regularity). Start with basic, practice regularly. You can prefer the "Complete reference to java" from ORACLE. Focus on LOGIC BUILDING.


answered 26 Jun '17, 21:19

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