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Invitation for Snackdown 2017 finals mirror round

Hello Community!

The SnackDown 2017 Finale is tomorrow and the mood here in Mumbai is wonderful. All the teams here seem excited for the final contest.

In parallel to the SnackDown 2017 Onsite Finale, there will be a mirror contest of the onsite finale and I’d like to invite you to participate in it. The [CodeChef SnackDown 2017 Onsite Final Mirror] ( ) will begin at 10:00 IST of 1st July 2017 (check your time zone here and will last 5 hours.

Registration: You can register in a team of two or can go solo into the contest. Please visit the following link to register:

See you all at the contest!
Praveen Dhinwa
Team CodeChef

asked 30 Jun '17, 21:14

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edited 30 Jun '17, 21:19

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the link u have provided is of d contest page....we r unable to register for d contest...pls provide d exact link !!


answered 01 Jul '17, 01:27

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It is giving warning.

** Attention

You are not allowed to check this content.**


answered 01 Jul '17, 09:46

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