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[closed] query regarding chefsign problem

can anyone explain how the chef and sign problem has 8 subtasks as my code got 4 of them correct and the other 4 incorrect and i am not able to figure out which ones.

asked 08 Jul '17, 00:34

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closed 08 Jul '17, 00:42

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Question is related to ongoing contest" by vijju123 08 Jul '17, 00:42

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answered 08 Jul '17, 00:35

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Check "My submission" to check the sub tasks, their grouping and their ratio. The test cases are NOT revealed even after the contest. Marks are awarded if you pass all test cases of a sub task/group. Since the contest is on going, we cannot provide you with any explanation or test cases. If you need clarification or have a genuine query, ask it in comments section of the problem.


answered 08 Jul '17, 00:42

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