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[closed] Is it rated or not?

The rating for the July Cook-off hasn't been updated yet. But I haven't found any official statement about this round's being unrated.

So do anyone know the official news - will this contest be rated or not?

P.S: I personally think this round should be unrated.

asked 25 Jul '17, 13:37

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closed 26 Jul '17, 18:13

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5★vijju123 ♦♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "The purpose of thread is done as ratings are updated :D" by vijju123 26 Jul '17, 18:13

I agree with @sudip_95

This round should be unrated because most of the active participants know that there is no partial grading for Cook-Offs, so there is no use submitting a bruteforce solution and get a TLE verdict. I (and most of us) could have easily solved 4 questions by using bruteforce but since I knew it wouldn't pass I did not submit it. So this makes it unfair for people like me(and others) who think about complexity and expected execution time well before submitting.


answered 25 Jul '17, 23:39

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6★swetankmodi ♦♦
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exactly what I wanted to say.

(26 Jul '17, 00:33) sudip_954★

Why not rejudge the solutions and make the round rated? :/

(26 Jul '17, 01:55) ista2000 ♦4★

@ista2000 I agree with you. If the number of discrepancies are low, then the contest should be rated.

(26 Jul '17, 15:33) dhruvsomani4★

Why the hell do you think round should be unrated?


answered 25 Jul '17, 14:17

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Please dont make this unrated. Please dont make this unrated. ;-;-;


answered 25 Jul '17, 16:11

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4★ista2000 ♦
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edited 25 Jul '17, 16:11

a free roll can be done for this contest


answered 25 Jul '17, 22:47

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wow @hruday968 , that's so sensible of you. can you just tell me why you voted down all of my comments or post?


answered 26 Jul '17, 16:33

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1)Round should be rated.

2)Why do you answer for your own questions?for karma?Don't you know that this is against the rules?

Posting multiple answers for same question is against the rules which you have done so many time till now.

(26 Jul '17, 16:42) hruday9684★
1 reasons why the round should be rated? Did you see the link I gave? many commented against the round being rated. see vijju's comment there, what will you say about this?

"You wont say that if you get a decrease in rating and others (who are worse coders than you) get high increase by brute forcing.

Better unrated than unfair.

I think, that free roll suggestion is really nice and should be implemented."

2.I didn't know you get karma for commenting! give me the link where that rule is.

you are just a lame person who just think of himself and don't think the problem of others.

(26 Jul '17, 16:55) sudip_954★

why do you people always care about rating and all?

(26 Jul '17, 17:02) hruday9684★

hahaha! see who's talking! if you don't care about rating then why do you want this round to be rated so much? It shouldn't matter to you!

The way you are defending yourself is simply pathetic.

(26 Jul '17, 17:18) sudip_954★

if you want the round to be unrated,then just stop participating. I really don't care about ratings,you can see in the rating predictor that my rating decreases.

(26 Jul '17, 17:40) hruday9684★

I won't stop participating just because you told so. The contest should be fair and square. that's why it is a contest and not just practice. And no one told a single thing with previous contests because nothing unfair happened there. You just think your rating will increase and that's why you want this round to be rated. You are being selfish, admit it!

(26 Jul '17, 17:46) sudip_954★
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@sudip_95 Please note that results of a contest are never judged on the potential of the contestant. If they could've solved the problem that doesn't matter. All matters is whether they have solved the problem or not. So, rejudging is definitely a solution perhaps the best one. And the contest should definitely be rated but after the rejudging.


answered 26 Jul '17, 16:48

arjitkansal's gravatar image

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just a simple question, do you do contests on codeforces?

(26 Jul '17, 16:56) sudip_954★

don't you know what happened? you may see this link:



answered 25 Jul '17, 14:21

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unrated or not, they should make an official statement.


answered 25 Jul '17, 19:19

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Please give them some time. Dont push/hurry over this. Let them take as much time they need, because lots of things are needed to be done to arrive to final decision. Namely, they need to find rough estimate of affected solutions,no. of affected users/ranks, and any other factor necessary which their current proposal may need.

Contest will be unrated if a lot of people got affected. Else, they will try to find a optimal/fair approach to keep contest rated. Rest assured, they deal with this sincerely.

(25 Jul '17, 19:23) vijju123 ♦♦5★

hmm, seems like there's no option left without waiting.

(25 Jul '17, 19:29) sudip_954★

yes, that is a good idea @drjaat


answered 25 Jul '17, 22:50

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@sudip_95 now will come to know who is selfish

alt text

Rating predictor is showing that your rating will be decreased by 162 and hence you want this round to be unrated.This shows how selfish you are. alt text

And i want this round to be rated even though my rating decreases.

Note:I answered here because i can't upload images in comment section.


answered 26 Jul '17, 17:57

hruday968's gravatar image

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edited 26 Jul '17, 17:57

lol, didn't even care to see the rating predictor. And by your logic, all of those people who want the round to be unrated is selfish! wow, what a logic! I think I should stop talking here. No reason is good enough for you.

(26 Jul '17, 18:01) sudip_954★

yes it's better to stop discussing after realizing that you are selfish!

(26 Jul '17, 18:06) hruday9684★

"Better unrated than unfair." - this simple thing won't penetrate your thick skull. And it's not my opinion. It's from one of the biggest contributors of codechef 'vijju' and I don't think you will call himself selfish too!

(26 Jul '17, 18:06) sudip_954★

Guys, stop fighting. The discussion is gives no good and will just create tension between you two.

(26 Jul '17, 18:15) vijju123 ♦♦5★

i didn't call anyone selfish except you.Don't include vijju here,he is a good friend of mine.

(26 Jul '17, 18:15) hruday9684★

I will just clarify my stand (because it might be misinterpreted the way its being put across). There are times when i get messages where people share their state of mind (which i appreciate). I have seen that ratings actually matter for many people, as a source of motivation, as something to work hard for etc. They truthfully told that, sometimes they dont participate in contest due to "fall or ratings" or falling back on stars. I did not want that this contest further damages them. And i appreciate that @admin understood it as well.

(26 Jul '17, 18:21) vijju123 ♦♦5★

I will just say what i replied to those 4. To anyone reading this-

Its good that you derive some sort of motivation/pleasure from ratings. But dont let anything grow on you, or it become too important for you. Ups and Downs are part of life and ratings are bound to increase and decrease. Its ultimately what you learn with participation that matters. If rating becomes too important, then its bound to demotivate you sometime.

Remember, its about sharpening your skills, which can only be done by contest and reading editorials of those problems. Whatever good/bad happens to rating-

(26 Jul '17, 18:26) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Whatever good/bad happens to rating, will balance out in future contest.

I was never against contest being rated. I was against contest being unfair to honest guys. I supported all sorts of suggestions which could help make it more fair and keep it rated. I was, however, against keeping it rated and giving AC to brute forcers, because that will be alot unfair. And i am happy @admin (s) spent a good deal of time to think of a solution to keep it rated and fair.

(26 Jul '17, 18:30) vijju123 ♦♦5★

stop commenting like you know something for sure. You said, "Round should be rated", who are you to decide that? You could've said, I would like the round to be rated or you think so. But no, you tried to impose your opinion on others.

This platform is used to share anyone's opinion. If you don't like it, ignore it. Your first comment in this thread says it all. "Why the hell do you think round should be unrated?" - what kind of comment is this? And after showing numerous reasons defending my opinion, which you obviously didn't like, you started downvoting. Pathetic, simply pathetic!

(26 Jul '17, 18:35) sudip_954★
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@ista2000 , rejudging the solutions isn't a solution, I think. because just giving TLE to those contestants who made a bruteforce solution is also unfair. Because if they got TLE during the contest, they'd have tried and could've solved the problem. I don't know about codechef, but in codeforces this type of round is declared unrated in a matter of seconds(even in the middle of the contest)


answered 26 Jul '17, 09:41

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