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July Cook off Unrated?

My rating was reduced after the July Cook off now it again became what it was before. July Cook Off has been unrated ?

asked 28 Jul '17, 17:09

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edited 28 Jul '17, 17:15

Please wait for their official announcement. They said that they were testing things, but it got publicly reflected for which they apologized. I think the testing is still going on, just that its not being reflected .Only the final result will be shown.


answered 28 Jul '17, 17:38

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@Vijju123 So Is it unrated or rated ?

(28 Jul '17, 18:26) archit9102★

It will be rated, given that they are testing this much and trying so many ideas. Only under the rare circumstance that the testing fails or would lead to many bugs, will it be unrated.

Take it that 90% it will be rated - but with delays. :)

(28 Jul '17, 18:38) vijju123 ♦♦5★
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