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Request for Change in Timings of Lunchtime and Cook - Off.

This is a request to @admin that rated contests like lunchtime and cook-off be held after 9 pm as for most of the students in Indian colleges the mess timing are from 8-10 pm and therefore if the contest starts before 9 pm then we don't get enough time to have dinner. So to avoid this problem if the contest starts after 9 pm or even 8:30 pm we can get enough time to have our dinner. I hope @admin does something for it :)

asked 30 Jul '17, 02:40

luvk1412's gravatar image

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No please. Cook-Off is mainly for college students and lunchtime is mainly for school students. So, ideally what they should do for LTIME is keep the time 7:30 - 10:30 as the next day there won't be any school and also most parents don't allow to sleep that late so its the best timing.


answered 30 Jul '17, 10:57

mathecodician's gravatar image

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Lunchtime isn't mainly for school students, the ratio of college students giving lt to that of school students is too high, and for lt even if it starts from 8:30 it might be ok for most of the students both in college as well as school.

(30 Jul '17, 11:02) luvk14124★

Lunchtime is "aimed" to help students appearing for IOI, while Cook-Off is for ACM. So yes, Lunchtime is for school.

(30 Jul '17, 11:14) vijju123 ♦♦4★

@vijju123 agreed that it is aimed to help students appearing in IOI, but this doesn't changes the fact that ratio of the college students giving it is much higher.

(04 Aug '17, 17:08) luvk14124★

I agree that the ratio is higher for college students, but one must always consider both sides. It's not always possible for school students to stay up that late. I completely agree with @mathecodician . The timings of Lunchtime (IOI pattern) and Cook-Off( ICPC pattern) are perfect.

(05 Aug '17, 22:58) akashbhalotia4★

I think no one will have problem if both contest take place on two Saturdays after 8 pm as Sundays are holidays


answered 01 Aug '17, 19:20

sanket407's gravatar image

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Yeah.I agree.I am a student too and I have faced this problem many times. please upvote this I want to upvote your question too but due to damn less karma point I cannot.


answered 30 Jul '17, 11:00

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I also feel the timings for cook-off could change a little as it ends by 12:00 on sunday and we have college on monday and it is difficult to get up early on monday morning. If cook-offs are on saturdays it will be helpful. It is just my suggestion.


answered 30 Jul '17, 13:52

sdssudhu's gravatar image

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This is the point worth reconsidering as the participation increases... and maybe this is the main point for the less participation in Lunchtime and Cook-off compared to Long Challenges. By the way, thanks for bringing this problem out!! Hope it will change :)


answered 30 Jul '17, 03:28

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I do face this issue always. And Lunchtime ALWAYS co-incides with dinner. In fact, I have come to think that they give 3 hours for 4 problems just to accomodate for dinner in between :p XD

But speaking in all seriousness, if you are able to come up with better timing slot, I think you will speed up the procedure of your suggestion being accepted.


answered 30 Jul '17, 11:18

vijju123's gravatar image

4★vijju123 ♦♦
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8:00-11:30 pm or 9-12 pm will be sweet spot for everyone i guess

(30 Jul '17, 13:09) luvk14124★

"I have come to think that they give 3 hours for 4 problems just to accomodate for dinner in between :p XD". Lol. @vijju123 - the pro who solves the problems in 2 hours and watches, with great pleasure, rookies making useless and worthless efforts to solve problems in the last hour :p

(05 Aug '17, 23:00) akashbhalotia4★

Yup, correct! I remember the last Lunchtime, I was so frustrated with the first problem itself that I didn't have dinner and could solve only one problem :(
Well, I agree that's my fault but the suggestion you gave is awesome and I think they must take it into consideration!!


answered 06 Aug '17, 01:08

dishant_18's gravatar image

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