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How to determine if my program is gonna give TLE ??

I have recently tried solving the questions in the long challenge, in the greedy candidates questions I tried implementing it in java and got 2.1s and TLE, how to understand why it gave TLE and how to overcome it??

asked 19 Aug '17, 18:40

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Dont use scanner class for taking input. In that 2 second time, I bet that a huge chunk of your time is taken in just taking input. Google and copy the Fast I/O template of java, and re-run the same code.


answered 19 Aug '17, 18:48

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thanks a lot!

(19 Aug '17, 19:21) x_blitz_x1★

Use Buffer Reader or any other fast I/O template for taking input.
Also, in case you didn't know about time complexity, this link will be helpful!


answered 19 Aug '17, 18:58

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thanks a lot!

(19 Aug '17, 19:21) x_blitz_x1★
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answered 19 Aug '17, 19:11

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thanks a lot!

(19 Aug '17, 19:21) x_blitz_x1★

I found an answer for this question in detail here

I hope you will find it helpful.


answered 19 Aug '17, 20:23

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