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Are the August Challenege 2017 ratings updated?

I don't see August ratings in the bar graph in my profile although I see my ratings reduced.

asked 20 Aug '17, 01:26

sun_d's gravatar image

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Yup.. August Ratings is updated I guess.. But it's not reflecting in graph yet.. I hope same happened with others too..

They have written this on August Long Page..

18-Aug, 16:00 AM IST The rankings shown in the rankings page are final now. The ratings will be updated in a while. However, we will update the ratings again after running the program for checking copied solutions, cheatings etc.


answered 20 Aug '17, 01:36

kauts_kanu's gravatar image

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edited 20 Aug '17, 05:07

Yes, same here

(20 Aug '17, 02:56) kunnu1201★

It takes time for reflection in graph. The ratings were, otherwise, updated hours ago :D


answered 20 Aug '17, 09:01

vijju123's gravatar image

5★vijju123 ♦
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edited 20 Aug '17, 09:01

Not usually. Generally ratings changes are reflected in the graph instantaneously.!

(20 Aug '17, 13:02) horcrux23014★

Wasnt the case since july cook-off. Was lunchtime immediately reflected in graph?

(20 Aug '17, 13:06) vijju123 ♦5★

Though a late reply, rating change is now reflected in the graph!


answered 20 Aug '17, 14:25

sudip_95's gravatar image

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Answer is hidden as author is suspended. Click here to view.

answered 20 Aug '17, 15:09

raj79's gravatar image

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It was better than your expected overall performance.

(20 Aug '17, 16:03) vijju123 ♦5★
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