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output modulo 10^9+7

i am newbie to codechef problems...can please anyone explain how to write the code in c or C++14 to show output modulo 10^9+7 asked in problems....plz help...if u can show a code problem for it would of great help...i know coding but i just only want to know how to show output in the given format........

asked 26 Aug '17, 23:41

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if you could provide a code of a problem as an example would be wonderful

(27 Aug '17, 00:08) sachin_123yad2★

if you can refer to a question involving it in practice problem

(27 Aug '17, 00:14) sachin_123yad2★

if your output is ans you just print ans%1000000007. Make sure you modulo 'ans' for every '+', '-', '*' operation.


answered 27 Aug '17, 00:00

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i need a code for example..

(27 Aug '17, 00:10) sachin_123yad2★

Hey newbie,

The easiest way is defining it as global variable as

long long mod = 1000000007;


define mod 1000000007


define mod 1e9+7

then using it in the main or other functions as asked, using some modulo properties

Hope this helps!


answered 27 Aug '17, 00:01

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