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Is hacker rank practice section good ?

I am a beginner and trying to get good at competitive codding. So I want to ask, are the problems good to solve on hacker rank practice section ?? Or should i practice problems on code chef ? I don't get code-force interface, its confusing !! I want advice on which platform to use to get better at competitive programming.

asked 29 Aug '17, 23:14

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Better goto hackerrank if you are beginner. They do a bit of spoon-feeding till you are capable to doing it on your own (things like I/O etc.)

Plus, problems there are sorted by category. I personally started with it and found it quite beginner-friendly. Learn to find corner cases and debugging there though, dont straight away look at failing TC. Develop an intuition to find where your code is going wrong.


answered 29 Aug '17, 23:20

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