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time complexity of a loop with conditions in it !!

hi using a nested loop in which i go into second loop if and only if it pass through a condition else do nothing...similarly the same in d second loop....if i run my both loops from i=1 to i=n what would be d time complexity ??

asked 06 Sep '17, 17:10

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Depends. It can be anything from $O(NLog(LogN))$ to $O({N}^{2})$. It depends on condition and value of increment. Sieve of erastothenes is nested loop, but it runs in $O(NLog(LogN))$ (due to increasing increment after every iteration+Decreasing chances of condition being true).

But on the other hand, any thing like "If number is even then run from i=1 to N, incrementing i by 1" will be clearly $O({N}^{2})$.


answered 06 Sep '17, 19:04

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