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XOR on Segment - interesting trick

For this question on codeforces, where the intended solution is using segment tree, I found some naive solution which are getting accepted.

1) sol-1 2) sol-2

Can someone explain me how these codes are passing all the test cases and what is the optimisation used here?

MY Reference

asked 09 Sep '17, 18:20

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edited 10 Sep '17, 01:44

The solutions are passing because the timelimit/tesetcases are not strict enough. The only trick in these brute force solutions is to use integers inistead of long long for accumulating (possibly a time win of 50%). Only when the integer might overflow a long long is used to store the complete sum.


answered 10 Sep '17, 04:02

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so, processing on integer data type is faster than Long Long data type, and we are processing on long long data type only when it is needed?

(10 Sep '17, 11:18) skyhavoc4★
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