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Rank not updated

I have participated in September long challenge and solved 2 question s 100% .When I aam opening the challenge page my rank is shown but when I am opening my accountit is showing no participation and also showing NA in global and country rank and also not showing any rating why?????or my rank will be updated soon??

asked 12 Sep '17, 08:35

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I was wondering why its been hours and theres no thread about this thing this time :p

(12 Sep '17, 10:20) vijju123 ♦♦4★

As far as I remember, July long rating was out on the same evening i.e 17 July (7jul- 17jul). but more than 30 hr has passed, and still no sign of it.

A possible reason for so much delay in SEPT long could be due to the increase in participants (around 11K). @admin can you please tell us, when it'll be out.


answered 12 Sep '17, 22:55

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edited 13 Sep '17, 00:25

It usually takes 2-3 days to update the ratings, sometimes sooner than that. So, don't worry, nobody got the rating yet!!


answered 12 Sep '17, 08:53

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edited 12 Sep '17, 08:54

Don't worry it usually take time to update the rating but mostly the Long challenges are not unrated so we will be getting our ratings soon.


answered 12 Sep '17, 17:59

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