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wrong ouptut using naive method also

Guys why Im getting wrong output for 3 test cases eventhough code is very simple and solution is intuitive. Which corner case Im missing plz help me out. Thanks

problem link:-link text

My solution:-link text

asked 14 Sep '17, 08:24

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edited 14 Sep '17, 14:33

Can't see your code!! can you copy paste your code here?

(14 Sep '17, 08:32) kunnu1202★

Updated now plz can u find it

(14 Sep '17, 14:34) code_man3★

You are declaring mincgpa[n] and maxkt[n] before storing the total number of students in n (which is obtained as input).

scanf("%d",&n); will come first, then the declaration of the aforementioned arrays i.e. mincgpa[n] and maxkt[n].


answered 14 Sep '17, 20:55

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edited 14 Sep '17, 20:57

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