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solution to question, that how to reverse the string from any point, in java

To print any type of string in this order example " My Name Is" output should be in this format " yM emaN sI" every word in the string has to be reversed individually.

asked 16 Sep '17, 15:09

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According to me, if you a reversing a string from a certain point, you could assign it to a char[] array and run two decrementing loops. If you want to reverse each word separately, read from the console using and reverse individual word using char[] array.
You could also refer to this link:


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(12 Oct '17, 16:20) arnavvarshney3★

Well, if you are using java

If you are sure that words are broken by only having space between them, you can use following idea...

String s = your string

String[] ar = s.split (" ");

String out = "";

For(int i=0; i < ar.length; i++){

Out += new StringBuilder (ar [i]).reverse ().toString () + " ";


System.out.printlnt (out);

In C++, you can add each word to a vector and then run a loop on teachhis vector, running a backward loop on each word and appending to output string...

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answered 16 Sep '17, 17:46

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