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MY codechef rank decreased for no reason!!

My rank went from 15k to 63229 in just one day. I don't know why this happened @admin Pls reply!!

asked 19 Sep '17, 00:31

shankaer's gravatar image

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Maybe it's because you didn't solve a single problem in the last contest you participated in.


answered 19 Sep '17, 00:56

ceilks's gravatar image

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Yes!! 15k to 63k dont you think this is a little too much!!how much time It will take me to get back!!

(19 Sep '17, 00:58) shankaer3★ this is how they calculate your rating. And just perform good in the next one you will get back there in no time.

(19 Sep '17, 01:00) divyansh_gaba74★

Apparently you submitted a solution in September Mega Cookoff (cook86). Even though it was an unsuccessful submission(Wrong Answer), it still makes you a participant and thus you are assigned a rank, which is the reason you took -184 in rating and the fall in overall rank.

Here is the solution that you submitted:


answered 19 Sep '17, 00:58

divyansh_gaba7's gravatar image

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how much time it will take me to get back ??Any idea?

(19 Sep '17, 01:00) shankaer3★

solve 4-5 questions in the next long challenge and you should be back up there.

(19 Sep '17, 01:03) divyansh_gaba74★

just keep solving and learning and try to solve 2-3 questions in the next lunchtime which is on 30th of Sep. Good Luck!

(19 Sep '17, 16:18) shubham08121★

You can look into my account . I was in the same situation that you were in a few months ago . Although I do recovered upto 4 stars but I am down again to 3 . The only thing you need to do now is practice more and don't lose interest .


answered 19 Sep '17, 11:30

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