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codeforces educational round

could anyone suggest a simpler stategy for solving the problem:

asked 21 Sep '17, 23:22

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Just brute-force it, since $N$ is very small. ($N<= 50$)


answered 21 Sep '17, 23:50

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You can use 2D DP and Sorting.

Here is link to my solution.

At any point, you can choose to find the difference between adjacent numbers or you can leave it.You must remember that you can leave atmost 2 numbers.


answered 22 Sep '17, 11:35

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You need to minimize total instability,

so, firstly sort the array with respect to weight of person.

Now traverse this sorted array to find the maximum absolute difference between two consequtive people.

These two people will sit on single kayaks.(No contribution to instability.)

And remaining people will be divided in groups of two.
(Note : These groups will be consecutive divisions of two people each ,from the same array excluding the ones alloted with single kayaks.)
So, the sum of the absolute difference of their weights of each group is the required total instability.


answered 22 Sep '17, 00:03

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