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september challange

Can someone help me understand this question i dont understand what exactly we need to do this in this question.
1. bitwise-xor sum of all the values
2. For Q values of Δ, Weasel wants to compute XΔ0.

link to the question here

asked 23 Sep '17, 21:29

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Basically, you are given a tree. The $X_d$ for some node $d$ is ($xor$ of values of all of its children)^($Node$ $d's$ value).

You are given values of all nodes for day 0. Day 1's value will be calculated by procedure above using day 0's value. Then similarly for day 2 using day 1's values and so on.

For a given value of $day$ , tell value of $Node$ $0$ on that day.


answered 23 Sep '17, 22:06

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thanks @vijju123 crystal clear explanation!!

(23 Sep '17, 22:12) phantomhive4★
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