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september challange

I dont understand whats wrong with my code its the brute force solution , i have commented the code can someone help me find what i am doing wrong .It works for the sample test case though.
link to the question
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asked 23 Sep '17, 23:45

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edited 24 Sep '17, 13:54

More importantly, why are sub-tasks hidden for this one?


answered 23 Sep '17, 23:53

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4★vijju123 ♦♦
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yeah i dont understand why they decide to hide sub-task.... maybe a bug?

(23 Sep '17, 23:55) phantomhive4★

ITwas reported earlier by @meooow as well. PErhaps your problem passes some subtask but is getting WA due to larger tasks. Its hard to debug this way.

(23 Sep '17, 23:56) vijju123 ♦♦4★

Sad but do u think that the solution is correct though?

(24 Sep '17, 00:00) phantomhive4★

Where did you update the value of rest of the nodes? Each and every node undergoes change in value daily, by forumula new value= old value ^(xor of values of all its children)?

Well, I asked cause I couldnt find it XD (Not a python user), but ofc if you passed I/O you must have done it somewhere.

(24 Sep '17, 01:03) vijju123 ♦♦4★

i did update them every day recursively for all node line 10

(24 Sep '17, 13:54) phantomhive4★
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