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reduce loop


Can any one tell me how we can reduce loops except using recurssion .. if I'm getting O(n^3) how can we reduce it. In C,C++,JAVA

asked 25 Sep '17, 21:02

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It depends upon the problem . Moreover it is not always necessary to reduce the complexity . It may be possible for that type of problem to have the best solution of complexity O(n^3) . It may also be possible that the problem setter intends you to solve with this complexity and do so , he set up the test cases low enough .


answered 25 Sep '17, 21:18

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thanks.. bt.. if we get test case and 2D array problem.. how will you do this in O(n^2). some time I need this to set it to O(n^2) instead of O(n^3). so pls tell me any possible way.

(26 Sep '17, 20:06) sumit0981★

As I said before , it depends upon question . A complete search algorithm is sometimes what is needed . If you provide the question , may be I can help .

(26 Sep '17, 21:31) trashmaster2★
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