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Your College Is At Which Position In Codechef Contests?


I think that there sholuld be a ranklist which can also show the rankings of colleges on the basis of contests.This Will also develop a coding culture in their respective colleges.

asked 02 Oct '17, 14:37

spp____'s gravatar image

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@vijju123 what do you think about it?

(02 Oct '17, 22:58) spp____2★

+1 to the idea. Even hackerearth and codeforces have this feature.

(02 Oct '17, 23:06) swetankmodi ♦♦6★

I will forward your suggestion to @admin . We got to see if we got enough resources (and time) to work on it or not. :)

(02 Oct '17, 23:07) vijju123 ♦♦5★

@meooow what is your view?

(03 Oct '17, 00:00) spp____2★

I want your views also

@rachitiitr and @trashmaster

(03 Oct '17, 00:26) spp____2★

It sounds like a good idea but everything depends on how the ratings are calculated. I think ideally the rating of a college should not be held back by those who do not participate regularly, and each student should feel that their performance would be able to increase the college's rating in order for that to be a motivation.

(03 Oct '17, 02:39) meooow ♦6★

@meooow I already told about this in my comment to my answer.

(03 Oct '17, 09:26) ista2000 ♦4★
(04 Oct '17, 00:26) spp____2★

This is a very good idea and ratings should be made in a way so that number of participation shouldn't matter much but the average performance should matter as, if participation matters colleges like ours are at disadvantage because the total capicity of college like ours is not so high.

(05 Oct '17, 12:31) killjee5★

@killjee , then college people will make only best coders compete, might damage sportsmanship in a way.

(05 Oct '17, 12:34) vijju123 ♦♦5★

@vijju123 still college students will try to become the best to represent there college somewhere down the line this is what we want increase competition. Also, I said more importance should be on average I never said there should be no emphasis on total participation from an insti.

(05 Oct '17, 18:38) killjee5★

@killjee i agree with you

(05 Oct '17, 21:54) spp____2★

@vijju123 did you forwarded the suggestion to @admin , thanks..!!

(06 Oct '17, 02:48) spp____2★
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answered 03 Oct '17, 00:25

anonymous_b0y's gravatar image

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edited 03 Oct '17, 00:26

I did not find my school there. :( :(

(03 Oct '17, 01:33) ista2000 ♦4★

I created that ranklist only for institutes, that's why your school is not there.

(03 Oct '17, 10:01) anonymous_b0y5★

I could see that. Can you create it or make the code open source so that I can do some changes if possible? Hacktoberfest is on the way anyway. :P

(03 Oct '17, 10:06) ista2000 ♦4★

I will make it open source in coming days.

(03 Oct '17, 10:15) anonymous_b0y5★

great work @anonymous_b0y

(03 Oct '17, 23:19) spp____2★

updated CpCtrl till Sept17 and Cook86.

(04 Oct '17, 13:42) anonymous_b0y5★

nice work @anonymous_b0y

(04 Oct '17, 21:45) spp____2★
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I think this is a good idea. There will be incentive for people to work hard and get their college name higher up. Basically the competitive spirit will increase. I fail to see how this will demotivate anyone. The mean rating of the college or something can be used as the parameter.


answered 02 Oct '17, 14:51

ista2000's gravatar image

4★ista2000 ♦
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it might happen someone just participates in one contest and leaves forever , but that will stay there whenever average will be calculated and it becomes tough then for others that is all i would say

(02 Oct '17, 15:12) raj792★

Codeforces does the same thing. If you don't participate for some amount of contests(or time) then your rank doesn't count. You might check codeforces ranking to see that every user has rank in for format. "Actual Rank(Rank if inactive removed)"

(02 Oct '17, 18:42) ista2000 ♦4★

thanks @ista2000

(04 Oct '17, 18:03) spp____2★

I need reputation points, pls upvote.


answered 06 Oct '17, 01:22

ayush_agrawal_'s gravatar image

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yes this is nice idea and also the students motivates by seeing their ranks in college.


answered 06 Oct '17, 10:55

ayush_67's gravatar image

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thanks @ayush_67

(07 Oct '17, 14:29) spp____2★

Nice idea. i think there should also be a way to see each country's rank.


answered 03 Oct '17, 00:41

cipher_text's gravatar image

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(05 Oct '17, 22:19) spp____2★

yes it will make a coding culture in colleges


answered 03 Oct '17, 00:42

coderslegacy's gravatar image

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It will seriously create a coding culture in colleges

(03 Oct '17, 02:09) spp____2★

I think everyone like this idea including me ^_^


answered 03 Oct '17, 03:12

kunnu120's gravatar image

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can you also give your view @admin

(03 Oct '17, 09:14) spp____2★

I think this will be a nice idea only if it is implemented in such a way that I doesn't discourage not so good coders from starting in to world of coding just because their activity may damage their college's ranking . The competition should be healthy and encouraging . I personally feel delighted on seeing people from my college doing good in contests . So it all boils down on how this thing will be implemented .


answered 05 Oct '17, 13:28

trashmaster's gravatar image

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@trashmaster knowing what is your college rank is also important.

And beginners are there in many colleges i think, so it will be equal for all.

(05 Oct '17, 13:51) spp____2★

The thing is single batch in my college is of nearly 2000 people whereas in some colleges it may be around 500 . So it may not be equal for all. :)

(05 Oct '17, 14:01) trashmaster2★

then i think it would be done using average...

(05 Oct '17, 14:42) spp____2★

great idea @spp____


answered 06 Oct '17, 13:34

vikas_g's gravatar image

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thanks @vikas_g

(08 Oct '17, 21:04) spp____2★

great idea @spp____


answered 06 Oct '17, 13:34

vikas_g's gravatar image

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thanks @vikas_g

(06 Oct '17, 14:29) spp____2★

nice idea @spp____


answered 06 Oct '17, 23:28

coderslegacy's gravatar image

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nice idea


answered 07 Oct '17, 09:24

mahi_8484's gravatar image

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thanks @mahi_8484

(07 Oct '17, 10:35) spp____2★

This will definitely help for people within the college to work together and share their skill with each other


answered 11 Oct '17, 00:08

bhpra's gravatar image

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@bhpra , that's why it's important..!!

(11 Oct '17, 08:20) spp____2★

There is already a website to see all this.



answered 03 Oct '17, 20:23

ritwikshanker's gravatar image

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(03 Oct '17, 20:34) spp____2★

But That website is not made by codechef i think

(05 Oct '17, 12:46) spp____2★

Yes that is correct. It is a website made by someone as a project.

(06 Oct '17, 01:11) ritwikshanker5★
(06 Oct '17, 01:42) spp____2★

pls someone upvote me i wanted to upvote


answered 04 Oct '17, 23:24

akshat_165's gravatar image

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keep contributing u will be upvoted......

(05 Oct '17, 01:14) spp____2★

I would like to upvote but need reputation points. Please upvote.


answered 14 Oct '17, 15:55

jaimahajan1997's gravatar image

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Keep contributing you will be upvoted

(17 Oct '17, 14:54) spp____2★

Now that is a brilliant idea. That should be considered right away by codechef.


answered 24 Oct '17, 22:48

ak24alive's gravatar image

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answered 04 Apr '18, 02:42

dk30390's gravatar image

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Yes the college rank list should be there, we have done a lot of hard work to promote coding in our college. I still remember the day when I started we had 4-5 long participants, whereas now we have 145 including both divisions. But this is not reflected anywhere at Codechef unfortunately. :( A college rank list is a must to promote coding in every part of this country, till now its restricted to tier-1 and tier-2 colleges mostly. +1 to the idea @spp____


answered 20 Oct '18, 19:07

striver_79's gravatar image

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edited 20 Oct '18, 19:08

Please check

It generates ratings for institutes based on the number of participants and their scores in each event, also please provide your feedback on ratings

(21 Oct '18, 13:08) anonymous_b0y5★

Hey all,

Please provide your feedback on ratings of institutes ratings, so that CpCtrl can improve its algorithm and provide the best ratings for institutes.

To know more about CpCtrl, please check

Also please check how I am generating these ratings here, and drop a not on if you think we can improve it further.


answered 21 Oct '18, 13:14

anonymous_b0y's gravatar image

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edited 21 Oct '18, 13:16

Answer is hidden as author is suspended. Click here to view.

answered 02 Oct '17, 14:45

raj79's gravatar image

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I don't know why @raj79 is against this

I think it will help ,friend

(03 Oct '17, 02:27) spp____2★

@spp____ You have enough karma to comment, please comment instead of creating separate answer to address someone. This keeps the thread clean.

(03 Oct '17, 02:35) ista2000 ♦4★

Ok I will always follow this from now @ista2000

(03 Oct '17, 02:41) spp____2★

am ain't against this one , but yes it needs a lot of things to be done , maintaining that the ratings of college cannot be low just coz of people who participate once in a blue moon , that hurts people who genuinely do well to get their college up. and there are other things even which needs to be addressed one of which is the inactive accounts , on what grounds do you call it inactive? if the rating system is decided in such a way that it motivates us to get our college up in the ratings , a thumbs-up to your idea , but a lot of things need addressing , thats what i will say :)

(03 Oct '17, 04:17) raj792★

@raj79 agree!!!

(03 Oct '17, 06:54) kunnu1202★

@raj79 You have enough karma to comment, please comment instead of creating separate answer to address someone. This keeps the thread clean.
And yeah, you got a point even though the idea is great.

(03 Oct '17, 10:01) ista2000 ♦4★
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how will you check if someone(i understand the sample of them will be small and wont matter when there are a lot of entries for a college) creates a multiple throwaway and purposely gets low score just to sabotage competing college's rating ?


answered 06 Oct '17, 20:42

dankcoder96's gravatar image

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Think positive @darkcoder96 This will not happen

Multiple id's are not allowed on codechef

He will be caught if he does so.

(08 Oct '17, 13:57) spp____2★

Why @admin not reply on such good type of suggestions?


answered 11 Oct '17, 01:57

pandey_96's gravatar image

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I was having 10 reputation points when i checked my profile 2-3 days ago. But now they are zero. I can not understand why this happened??


answered 20 Oct '18, 09:20

pg21priyanka's gravatar image

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Check your Karma History and don't spam old posts with such silly questions.

(20 Oct '18, 15:12) arnavvarshney3★
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