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[closed] Number Of Views Of a question

Does karma also depends on the number of views of the question?

Can anyone explain this?

asked 03 Oct '17, 11:54

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closed 03 Oct '17, 12:16

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Duplicate Question" by ista2000 03 Oct '17, 12:16

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answered 03 Oct '17, 11:57

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Then how i get karma .

By upvoting or accepting answer

Any Other Trick?

(03 Oct '17, 12:03) pandey_961★

Can You tell @vijju123

(03 Oct '17, 12:12) pandey_961★

keep helping others , if someone finds your answer helpful on their links or any such place, they will upovte your answer and you get 10 karma points , if someone accepts your answer you get 15 karma, if someone devotes your answer you get -2 karma , so keep commenting on questions posted on the foum if you can answer them or help them.

(03 Oct '17, 12:15) raj792★

"Karma works in mysterious ways."

Not so mysterious if you read this though- :p XDXD

(03 Oct '17, 13:14) vijju123 ♦♦5★

You can google instead of asking here on discuss and increase the number of redundant questions :( Makes it hard to manage questions. Here goes the answer to your question:


answered 03 Oct '17, 12:16

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