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Telegram chatbot for competitive programmers

I created a telegram messenger chatbot for competitive programers.
Users can register their handles of codechef, codeforces, hackerearth, hackerrank and spoj to the bot and get their ratings inform of a spreadsheet ranklist in xlsx format. Get random questions from codechef and codeforces. Get details about upcoming competitions and set a reminder for them. Compile and run code through bot itself using hackerranks api. Get some links from geeks for geeks.... etc Here is the link to the bot
Here is the link to the source code

Contributions are welcome :)

asked 08 Oct '17, 20:35

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great job , I was working on a similar discord bot , will use some of your ideas if you are alright with it ?


answered 09 Oct '17, 00:28

my_name_is_nrg's gravatar image

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yeah sure why not

(11 Oct '17, 02:09) gotham133★
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