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[closed] difference between c++ and c++14 ??

what is the difference between c++ and c++14 ????

asked 11 Oct '17, 14:08

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closed 11 Oct '17, 18:09

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Duplicate Question" by vijju123 11 Oct '17, 18:09

Dear, just one thing.

Please try to google your doubts first, then search the forum and then ask. Duplicate questions just reduce the quality of forums, and if somebody is able to fish out some link which already deals with your issue, then your question is duplicate.

Please keep it in mind while posting future questions :).



answered 11 Oct '17, 18:09

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5★vijju123 ♦
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@vijju123 , Yoy are right, these type of things should be googled first and if not found there then it shoud be posted here.

(11 Oct '17, 18:32) spp____2★
(11 Oct '17, 20:27) parth1911★

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