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Since from my past days experience on discuss forum many time there comes some questions which are either out of their coding bounds of present time actives or they don't care to give time as they can answer multiple questions in the same time to cultivate karmas just as an example , I was asking a solution or hint of a problem (CDMN17C) I asked it twice and it been more than a week but till now nobody answered or not being able to answer. I also find many questions which were out of my present scope so I just pass over them but if there is any referring system at least I can refer problems to some better coders than me. Also take it as a request don't drop shitty comments about my first line Bro you are generalising your thought you shouldn't as I already mentined it as a thought . Problem link link text

asked 11 Oct '17, 19:45

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edited 12 Oct '17, 10:57

There is already a tag feature for that. Tag the person you want specifically to answer. Put an '@" before the user name, eg @vijju123 . While I understand your frustration, I feel the problem lies in how you word your questions. Eg this line- "they don't care to give time as they can answer multiple questions in the same time to cultivate karmas" I think you were casual when you said this but to some it may seem as direct accusation of "You arent answering my question for sake of karma farming."

Also, I checked out both the questions, and their format is the problem.

Firstly, please give question link. It takes just 1 minute of your time to paste question link. At least I have decided against answering any guy who doesnt provide a link, until and unless I feel sympathetical towards him.

Then, please title them aptly. If you title it as "Editorial for...." then you are just reducing your chances. Not many have spare time to write an editorial, so if an explanation will do, then dont name it as "wanting editorial."

Lastly, whats up with "coding geeks welcomed to crack the nuts out of the problem."

It may sound casual to you, but it sounds more like you are ""challenging" others to solve and help you. Idk but it felt downright arrogant.


answered 11 Oct '17, 20:17

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5★vijju123 ♦
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Most coders love challenges so that line was just to boost them not to sound arrogant@vijju123

(12 Oct '17, 10:51) shubhamjnv19991★

@vijju123 But if it sound arrogant to you then second time it was as humble as other love ,referencing from words used please, request and other stuffs

(12 Oct '17, 10:53) shubhamjnv19991★

But again answer was same 0

(12 Oct '17, 10:54) shubhamjnv19991★

And I don't think all of those 38 were unable to answer.

(12 Oct '17, 10:55) shubhamjnv19991★

@vijju123 First I was not sure but now I'm ,whenever a person tags you it doesn't shows as a message or there is no way you came to know about that question until you check that separately in your profile so I was asking for a separate option like messages or question referred since the method of tagging is not giving expected output as evident from the fact that you have not replied or came to know about your tagging since it been more than 22 hours of my reply

(13 Oct '17, 09:25) shubhamjnv19991★

The feature of private messaging has already been forwarded to the @admin .

Asking question in messages is highly discouraged. Ask him to refer to the Q, or give him link to the thread, but dont ask in message.

as evident from the fact that you have not replied or came to know about your tagging since it been more than 22 hours of my reply

I had read the comments earlier but did not wish to reply. I thought its better to leave it to someone else to further clarify since I have my mid-sem exams right now.

(13 Oct '17, 09:55) vijju123 ♦5★

@vijju123 Best of luck for your exams

(13 Oct '17, 10:00) shubhamjnv19991★

I have provided the link have a watch on it

(13 Oct '17, 10:01) shubhamjnv19991★

Thanks. I had a look at it. Its gonna take some time to solve so I will deal with it after exams. :)

(13 Oct '17, 10:05) vijju123 ♦5★

@vijju123 i think your exams may be over by now so if you have time then be kind enough go through your pending answer or assurance list ie. go through the problem linked above

(22 Oct '17, 09:46) shubhamjnv19991★

I tried the Q after the exams- Sorry but it didnt strike me.

(22 Oct '17, 11:40) vijju123 ♦5★
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No one has solved that question @shubhamjnv1999 in practice also.

And there is no editorial also for that question.

Atleast editorial should have been there so that we could solve that problem because that question has been done

by nobody.


answered 12 Oct '17, 13:35

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edited 12 Oct '17, 13:40

@spp___ Bro thanks for your concern but if there was a solution available of this problem then why would I ask others for a solution

(13 Oct '17, 09:18) shubhamjnv19991★
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