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Is it necessary to add a reserve member to your team(ACM ICPC)?

Is it necessary to add a reserve member to your team or is that optional? Also how long does it take after you fill up the form about payment details on the Amritapuri Site to be reflected into the Baylor Site(Pending to Accepted)?

asked 11 Oct '17, 19:46

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No , it is not at all necessary to have a reserve in your team .

I registered at Chennai site and it took around 4-5 days to get accepted after doing the payment .


answered 11 Oct '17, 19:53

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Reserve member isnt a compulsion. You shouldnt be needing one under normal circumstances anyway.

I feel that Amritapuri people do "accepting" on a weekly basis. It makes it easier to manage that way. It took 1-2 weeks earlier, but of course, it should be faster now since deadlines are approaching.


answered 11 Oct '17, 20:06

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**reserve member is optional.

it took 2 weeks for my application to get accepted.**


answered 11 Oct '17, 20:34

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