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First Google Your Doubt Then Codechef Discuss

I have seen many person who are just posting questions which have a direct link on one google search.

1) If there is a direct link for that question then asking that question is not very helpful.

2) If there has already been a discussion for that topic in codechef discuss then don't make a new question for that ,instead comment in the previous post only.

3) Also don't ask any question related to an ongoing contest.

This question is marked "community wiki".

asked 12 Oct '17, 14:17

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edited 12 Oct '17, 16:02

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5★vijju123 ♦

Since its something related to rules/which I would have made an announcement of, it must be marked community wiki :3

(12 Oct '17, 16:03) vijju123 ♦5★

The Codechef Discuss is improving day by day, Its good for us.

Happy Diwali to you all and your Family :)


answered 19 Oct '17, 00:24

dushyantsingh1's gravatar image

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All because of mods like @vijju123 and @meooow

(19 Oct '17, 13:27) akashbhalotia4★

Yes @vijju123 is very helpful

(19 Oct '17, 13:41) spp____2★
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