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[closed] WEASELTX no partial scoring?

When submitting WEASELTX (SEPT17) on practice site, it doesn't give detailed scoring, just WA, TLE, or AC. I just submitted a program which got 50 pts on contest, and it got marked TLE, because of last subtask, but it doesn't say anywhere, that it passed first 3 subtasks.

Is it a bug, or is there a trick to make the judge show it?

Edit: Searching all submissions, for old submissions (before September 21.) it shows the score correctly, but fresh AC solutions have this result: alt text

asked 17 Oct '17, 23:25

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closed 18 Oct '17, 23:35

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6★vijju123 ♦

This has happened before with at least two problems of SEPT17, I don't know why. I asked about this but when @admin replied it was back to normal.

(18 Oct '17, 16:23) meooow ♦6★

The question has been closed for the following reason "Issue Resolved." by vijju123 18 Oct '17, 23:35

Is the issue still occurring? The last time I pinged @admin for this she said that someone fixed it before she could have a look. Of course, older submissions will look that way, but can you verify if any fresh submission is suffering from this as well?


answered 18 Oct '17, 17:14

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6★vijju123 ♦
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It still occours.

(18 Oct '17, 20:30) bazsi7006★

Okay, asking her to look into it. Thanks!

(18 Oct '17, 21:33) vijju123 ♦6★

@vijju123 it works now!

(18 Oct '17, 22:55) bazsi7006★

Yes, we resolved the issue. Okay....more like she did but WELL...XD XP :p

(18 Oct '17, 23:34) vijju123 ♦6★

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