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Dynamic Programming problems for ZCO

Hi, I am preparing for ZCO and I think that I am not that good in Dynamic Programming. So, I would request you to refer me some nice DP problems of ZCO level so that I can get a good grip on it. I have a knowledge of fundamentals of Dynamic Programming and can solve easy problems.


P. S. I have tried all the problems in the practice contest so please don't refer that. :)

asked 20 Oct '17, 11:27

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Method 1

Step 1: Open codeforces
Step 2: Click on "Problemset"
Step 3: Click on "dp" beside any random problem to filter problems by tag "dp"
Step 4: Sort problems according to number of solves
Step 5: Start solving from most submitted as many as you can

Alternative: Click here

Method 2

Step 1: Search for hackerrank codemonk
Step 2: Go for DP and solve the problems there

Alternative: Click here

Hope this helped. :D


answered 20 Oct '17, 12:38

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Adding to @ista2000 's answer -

Here are the two resources which I think are awesome for becoming good in DP -

  1. Topcoder has a very nice article on Dynamic Programming. Throughout the article they have provided links to various interesting DP problems. Go through the article and solve all the problems.
  2. Lightoj. It has a separate section for various topics and each section contains some classic quality problems based on that particular topic. Dp section has 106 problems.

Try to solve as many problems as possible from the above two sites.
Happy coding :)


answered 20 Oct '17, 12:46

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LightOJ always tells me that my email s already registered but won't let me login with the password they only sent! :(

Can you help me in this case?

(20 Oct '17, 12:47) ista2000 ♦4★

If its saying that your email is already registered you can use the Forgot your password? option. They will help you in setting up a new password which you use to login. If the problem still persists register using another email or drop them a mail at this address

(20 Oct '17, 12:53) naman_16★

Nope, worked, thanks. Thing is the mail went to spam and I did not check it.

(20 Oct '17, 12:56) ista2000 ♦4★

I heard that has a collection of nice problem. You can sort problems from various sites like codechef etc. on basis of their tag/topics. My friends use it for practicing mostly, but yes, it means you must be comfortable with practicing on multiple sites as well.


answered 20 Oct '17, 13:29

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