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Some best practices at codechef discussions.

Hi All,

[Sharing my own "comment" from another thread as a topic here to increase audience]

Pardon me for putting it here, but I think most people on this forum don't know the distinction between "Question," "Answer," and "Comments." I feel so, because, in a particular thread there should be one question, then related multiple answers, and numerous comments in comment sections of respective answers.

However, I almost always see comments everywhere. Some even put a comment or a query as an answer. It is a bad practice as it hinders clarity. In the past, I have also made similar mistakes but not now. So just thought to convey it.

Don't just put a comment as an answer for the sake of upvotes. Maybe the admin can include comment upvotes as well in counting total user upvotes to encourage users to put things organized.


asked 21 Oct '17, 15:25

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