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How was your journey from 2 star to 6 star on Codechef ?


Share your journey of becoming 6 star from 2 star on Codechef or more generally how you became great from novice in CP. How much knowledge did you have at the very beginning compared to at the end. What topics bugged you the most and how you mastered them. How you dealt with demotivation. I thought this post will inspire and motivate other programmers who wish to do great in CP.
PS :- The question is not limited to only 6 star coders anyone feel free to answer :-)

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asked 26 Oct '17, 11:20

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When you started coding here you must've thought that 4 star was something special. I bet you don't feel that its special now. Doesn't matter how good you get there are always many people who are better, so its likely that even 6 star coders still feel like they are not special. If a total beginner asks me how I became a 4 star I'll be like- "Ey its nothing great bro there is so much more". So looking at it from that perspective I don't think anyone will answer this question.

It helped me get some peace of mind when I stopped looking at ratings and just concentrated on my learning, now I feel my learning curve has been steeper and I'm feeling confident. Maybe I'll touch that rating, maybe I won't but Coding is a lot more enjoyable when you don't worry about that stuff.

If you really really want to touch that rating, you know what to do ,there is no need no need to ask anyone.


answered 03 Nov '17, 01:15

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