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UEMCO question copied !

I just found that the second question of UEMCO is copied directly from a hackerearth past contest .

Not sure if any other question is also copied. But this acts are really demotivating and takes away the fun of contests. :(

asked 29 Oct '17, 23:58

jaideeppyne's gravatar image

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edited 30 Oct '17, 02:21


oh, and the 50k prize was a joke too, one of my friends at uem told me! (after i wasted my time in that contest)

(30 Oct '17, 22:19) swetankmodi ♦♦6★

prize money is a joke! That too on such an international online platform like CodeChef is really something quite unexpected. @admin please have a look into such matters. :/

(31 Oct '17, 00:05) jaideeppyne5★

@swetankmodi - Are you sure about the correctness of your claim? Because making a contest with no intention of giving prizes sounds like direct fraud to me if I put it bluntly.

(31 Oct '17, 00:40) vijju123 ♦♦5★

@vijju123 I got the prize from UEMCO last week so I think my claim (based on facebook message from probably a fake account) was proved incorrect. They gave the prizes! (atleast can confirm I got it)

(06 Jan '18, 23:44) swetankmodi ♦♦6★

Not only this. The problems were poorly formatted, the I/O format wasn't available and also they weren't replying to the comments. My submission pretty much sums it up:


answered 30 Oct '17, 00:05

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4★ista2000 ♦
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Yes! The problem statements were not very clear. Even if the problems lacked explanations of the test cases, the doubts in the comment sections were unanswered. These things are very sad. :/

(30 Oct '17, 00:11) jaideeppyne5★

awful I/O format , this is what i can say!

(30 Oct '17, 00:37) striverlearner3★

I was doubting this throughout the contest when i saw the level of questions. A point might not sound good but that made me to doubt was that their college has a maximum of 4* rating profile. And the level of questions spoke something else at-least. By far the worst contest i took part in. :) , Might be the other questions are copied also , but tough to find out the questions as they changed the names and all.


answered 30 Oct '17, 00:36

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answered 30 Oct '17, 01:37

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I wonder how did u searched it :P

(30 Oct '17, 02:07) striverlearner3★

I googled the important parts of the problem statement.

(31 Oct '17, 16:14) hruday9684★

link one more haha , tried acting smart by changing stories but could not.


answered 30 Oct '17, 02:08

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Copying codechef's question in codechef itself XD. Pro level :P.

(30 Oct '17, 02:22) jaideeppyne5★

actually that is a SPOJ question. (question was posted in SPOJ before codechef)

(30 Oct '17, 22:20) swetankmodi ♦♦6★

Now a days it's common on codechef, in the past 2-3 months the contests organised by institutions had most of the questions copied from other platforms.


answered 30 Oct '17, 08:50

o__0's gravatar image

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omg!!! was the prize a joke. Completely unexpected. I don't know about Plagiarism of questions but i can very surely say that the questions were very wrongly formulated(wrong language and many other errors). It was more of a mathematical patterns represented in form of questions to be coded rather than use of DS and algorithms. Proper error correction should be done before organizing a contest :(


answered 31 Oct '17, 04:12

pri_1234's gravatar image

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Reporting Plagiarism in CodeRoyale Questions are copied from other sites on the ongoing event

Question : Copied from :

Question : Link : Copied from :

Question :Link : Copied :

Entire problem is same only the the names of characters have been changed. This is unfair. We were not able to put this as a new question due to lack of enough karma.


answered 18 Dec '17, 13:06

pankajhere's gravatar image

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You always have the option to report this to mod via mail, OR use the thread which I exclusively put up so that you guys can ask questions.

(18 Dec '17, 14:01) vijju123 ♦♦5★

According to codechef's guidelines, you can have copied questions in a closed contest.

I don't see any point in having all copied questions in an online long contest. They didn't even bother changing the stories. Many of them had the exact same Problem name too. A simple google search gives the original source.

(18 Dec '17, 14:56) abdullah7686★

@admin is taking action. Thank you :)

@abdullah768 - Copied questions are allowed only in clsoed contests, i.e. local contests limited to your college etc. Usually where you can make contestants devoid of google.

(18 Dec '17, 16:13) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Thanks for reporting this. We are looking into it.

(18 Dec '17, 16:16) admin ♦♦0★

Oh my bad, I thought anything which wasn't there in the ongoing contest list was a closed one and were ignored by admin. Glad to be proven wrong :)

(18 Dec '17, 17:07) abdullah7686★

Thanks a lot @admin for the quick action. My faith in humanity is restored. Regards, The Dark Knight.

(18 Dec '17, 18:36) pankajhere1★
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In total 4 questions are copied.

Among the rest 3, 1 question didn't have good Sample Test Case Explanation.

While The other 2 are pattern Finding Questions.


answered 30 Oct '17, 02:21

desik_1's gravatar image

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Are you sure that the rest 3 are not copied ? XD

(30 Oct '17, 02:24) jaideeppyne5★

2 are Pattern Finding. And I don't if the other problem is copied.

(30 Oct '17, 02:36) desik_14★

for pattern finding, there are sources too.

(30 Oct '17, 22:21) swetankmodi ♦♦6★

yupp pattern should never be given directly as they did, it can be easily found on oeis

(31 Oct '17, 11:15) rohit_08015★

This is very sad :( Codechef must take strict action to avoid such kind of fake events.


answered 01 Nov '17, 01:27

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