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Hello guys,
I was solving the problem MAXI from SPOJ but couldn't figure out a solution. Any insights would be much appreciated.
Thanks :)

asked 01 Nov '17, 00:07

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@likecs as you have set this question any tips would be much appreciated!

(01 Nov '17, 12:27) dishant_185★

By seeing your post i have gone through problem maxi...i have solved it in O(n^2).But some comments claimed that they solved this in O(n).I can not figure out how they did it in O(n) but i there is solution in O(n) and it takes 0.0 s,mine takes 0.13 s.But for O(n^2) its dynamic programming if u see it carefully. Hope this helps.


answered 01 Nov '17, 13:04

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edited 01 Nov '17, 13:14

Thanks for the reply. It would be great if you can give a link to your code!

(01 Nov '17, 13:12) dishant_185★ if something is not clear to you in my code u can ask and Welcome :)

(01 Nov '17, 13:16) droy05285★

Thank you :)
Well I too had a $O(n^{2})$ algorithm in back of my mind. I thought it may not pass the time limit of 0.2 secs as $n<=10^{4}$.
Can you explain how will it pass the time limit?

(01 Nov '17, 16:54) dishant_185★

Because its asymptotic complexity not exact complexity :). Inner loops upper bound keeps up decrements by 1 each time you run the loop. So it n only at first iteration there after it will keep decrements and reduce the time.

(01 Nov '17, 17:07) droy05285★
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