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[closed] The top 5 contibutor's should also receive laddus !!!

Has the laddu system for top 5 contributors removed from the month octeber 2017 and onwards.

@admin is it true ?

asked 04 Nov '17, 10:02

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closed 05 Nov '17, 00:44

The question has been closed for the following reason "Other" by spp____ 05 Nov '17, 00:44

great initiative @admin, now the reward has been removed there will be less non-sensical questions and those who come only for the sake of laddoo's will definitely stop as they won't be getting anything. I have noticed that many users don't know the difference between comment and answer, they just instead of commenting on their on answer write another answer to get karma. Now as there won't be any reward, this will definitely reduce the above issue.


answered 04 Nov '17, 12:03

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To be very honest , there are lot of other issues over here, so this kind of things should not be arised here at forum. If you are willing to help others laddus won't really matter , its a case of helping others. And if you are helping others for laddus, then you need it badly :P


answered 04 Nov '17, 11:13

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edited 04 Nov '17, 11:13

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