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Getting TLE for TYTACTIC even after using BIT(Fenwick Tree)

I have used fenwick tree to solve the TYTACTIC question but I'm still getting TLE! My solution link

asked 05 Nov '17, 23:58

dushyant7917's gravatar image

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I found 1 error in your code, edges given do not necessarily mean u is immediate superior of v (check problem statement). Also long is not needed here, since skill levels are limited by 20000, so the maximum sum in bit would be 2*109 which easily fits in int. I submitted your code after changing these and got AC in 0.06. Your AC code


answered 06 Nov '17, 01:07

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edited 06 Nov '17, 01:09

thanks for help :)

(06 Nov '17, 10:51) dushyant79175★
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