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Can somebody help with this problem?

Expected Solution - O(n) alt text

asked 06 Nov '17, 00:41

anushi's gravatar image

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int calculate (string s) {
   int ans = 0;
   string s1,s2;
   for(int i=0;i<s.length()-1;i++) {
      s1 = s.substr(0,i+1);
      s2 = s.substr(i+1,i+1);
      if(s1 == s2)
    return ans;

answered 06 Nov '17, 01:10

shukrant's gravatar image

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edited 06 Nov '17, 01:13

All operations defined inside for loop (substr & ==) takes O(length of string) hence in worst case it would lead O(n^2).

(06 Nov '17, 09:15) anushi4★

It is simple. For every index in the string let F[i] denotes what is the length of longest prefix of the string that matches the substring of the string that starts at index i. Now you have to count total indices such that F[i] = i - 1 . This is because dividing by power of the 10 generates a prefix of the string. You can use Z algorithm for that.


answered 06 Nov '17, 08:52

apptica's gravatar image

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edited 06 Nov '17, 08:52

For every i this will take O(n) for comparison hence O(n^2).If you meant something different please explain..

(06 Nov '17, 09:14) anushi4★

Z algorithm can do this in O(n) time for all the indexes. Just have a read of that.

(06 Nov '17, 09:37) apptica5★

I solved this using hashing , you can check whether hash of both string are equal or not in O(1) after precomputation.


answered 06 Nov '17, 11:02

geeky_coder's gravatar image

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