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Doubts regarding Scholarships for CCDSAP certification exam

I have some doubts which were not cleared in the newsletter of November Challenge. It was stated in the newsletter that CodeChef will provide full scholarship to take the CCDSAP certification exam for students scoring highest from a particular school or university in the November Long Challenge. It was also stated that those who will be eligible will receive full scholarship to take the CCDSAP certification exam (Foundation, or Advanced level, if you have the requisite rating) which is to be held on 19th November. Is it compulsory to take the exam on 19th if you get the scholarship?

There are very less number of cities available for the examination. So if a student gets the scholarship than will he/she have to go the city available for the exam on 19th Nov only in order to get the scholarship or CodeChef will provide him/her scholarship whenever they want to give the exam, when a nearby city is available?

Is there a minimum number of student participation required from a college/university in order for its' students to be eligible for the scholarship?

If it is compulsory to take the exam on 19th, then do we have to register and pay for the exam before 15th and the amount will be refunded if we get the scholarship? Or will there be a separate registration provided for those who get it?

As there are very few cities, it won't be feasible for many students to travel to the nearest city(considering some cities which are very far from the nearest exam centre) for taking the exam, when the Semester End Exams of many colleges are on the head.

If taking the exam on 19th Nov is true, I hereby request @admin to please allow students who get the scholarship to take the exam on any other feasible date or when a nearby centre is available.

asked 07 Nov '17, 19:14

vatsalsura's gravatar image

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@admin please reply

(08 Nov '17, 19:24) vatsalsura2★

Agreed about the dates. Since sem end exams would be starting in most colleges soon.

(08 Nov '17, 20:08) abdullah7686★

Pinged it to her. She will answer it tonight or sometime soon. :)

(08 Nov '17, 20:34) vijju123 ♦6★

@vijju123 Thank you.

(08 Nov '17, 20:56) vatsalsura2★

yeah sems are near. Better if we are allowed to appear later. @admin please see if something can be done

(13 Nov '17, 00:15) soham12346★

After the contest ends, we will inform the winners about winning the scholarship and there will be a separate registration process for them. Hope this helps :)


answered 09 Nov '17, 16:36

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0★admin ♦♦
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visit this for details:-

Note: The scholarship does not hold, if the applicant have scored less than 300 points in the Long Challenge.


answered 11 Nov '17, 18:42

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Okay, So I received a new mail which cleared all my doubts except for this one:

Do we have to register and pay for the exam before 15th and the amount will be refunded if we get the scholarship? Or will there be a separate registration provided for those who get it?


answered 08 Nov '17, 23:04

vatsalsura's gravatar image

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edited 08 Nov '17, 23:04

so we have to give the exam on 19th Nov itself?

(08 Nov '17, 23:12) swetankmodi6★

If you are selected for the scholarship, Yes. It was explicitly stated that Students scoring the highest from a particular school/college/university in the November Long Challenge will win a 100% scholarship to take the CCDSAP November Certification Exam (Foundation, or Advanced, if they have the requisite rating).

(09 Nov '17, 00:44) vatsalsura2★

Moreover, they have added 2 new cities i.e. Kanpur and Gandhinagar.

(09 Nov '17, 00:44) vatsalsura2★

@admin please shed some light on this last question.

(09 Nov '17, 14:01) vatsalsura2★

We will inform you about the process after the contest ends. We will try and make sure that you do not have to pay anything upfront.

(10 Nov '17, 17:40) admin ♦♦0★

Admin what about semester exams if a student wins a scholarship and if his/her semester exams are nearby and he couldn't prepare for certification course then will he/she be eligible to take exam on another exam date?

(12 Nov '17, 12:50) hit123452★

No, scholarship is only for exam in Nov.

(12 Nov '17, 15:57) vijju123 ♦6★

How does it matter if u couldn't prepare. Its free. Just give it for fun. That's what I am doing.

(13 Nov '17, 15:49) mathecodician5★
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Users first have to register and the pay the fee for the Nov 19th certification exam. If selected for scholarship, the fee will either be refunded or a special coupon will be provided to the user.


answered 09 Nov '17, 16:38

vaibhav3857's gravatar image

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@vijju123, for certain reasons (timid ones) I removed my college name from my profile. If I score the topmost rank in my institution, will I be eligible for the scholarship?


answered 12 Nov '17, 17:55

markus__'s gravatar image

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Mostly no, you need to have college name under your profile. However, I can forward your situation to @admin and see what she has to say. But mostly even she will ask you to keep your college name, at least till you give exam.

(12 Nov '17, 18:50) vijju123 ♦6★

You need to have college name under your profile. See this- Admin has replied to my comment.

(12 Nov '17, 19:54) nileshjha194★

No, you will not be.

(12 Nov '17, 23:51) admin ♦♦0★

@admin, I had my university name till the results of october lunchtime were published. I reupdated is later but the long contest had already began. I would be obliged for a slight liniency from your side.

(13 Nov '17, 02:26) markus__3★

Ok, forwarding it for consideration. But I think you will have put it back though.

(13 Nov '17, 18:31) vijju123 ♦6★

@vijju123 already did that few days back :)

(13 Nov '17, 20:59) markus__3★
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@admin Please help me here! I have paid fees for CCDSAP for upcoming 19th november exam. I also want avail this scholarship . Most probably I can get 1st rank in my institute in NOVEMBER challenge and I have more than 300 points. I need this scholarship most. Please help me. @vijju123


answered 12 Nov '17, 21:21

vishalsoni242's gravatar image

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Yes, you can avail this scholarship. The exact details will be forwarded to you after the contest.

(12 Nov '17, 21:25) admin ♦♦0★

Please help!!!
Query regarding registration for codechef certification program:
@vijju123 What should I write in Highest Degree Earned?
Currently, I am a 4th year B.TECH. student.


answered 14 Nov '17, 19:30

pankaj_chopra's gravatar image

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edited 14 Nov '17, 20:29

@pankaj_chopra Use 12th as your Highest Degree Earned.


answered 14 Nov '17, 20:39

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thank you.

(14 Nov '17, 20:41) pankaj_chopra4★
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