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How to solve pizza party ?

@meooow can u tell me how you solved the Pizza party question asked in ICO1803

asked 10 Nov '17, 22:11

devu_1234's gravatar image

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You had to greedily choose to cut the pizzas in the order of most cuts allowed. You can see the editorials for more details.

(10 Nov '17, 22:20) meooow ♦6★

just now i read it but was unable to understand how the formula was calculated " the maximum number of slices we get is (n*n + n + 2)/2 ".

(10 Nov '17, 22:24) devu_12341★

Pizza cut here can be in any direction, not necessarily passing from center of pizza as in usual pizza cuts, but away from center too.

Imagine a circle. Try drawing N chords in this circle in a way to maximize number of parts of circle. After that, read editorial. Once you do this, You'll get the idea of the problem.


answered 10 Nov '17, 23:24

taran_1407's gravatar image

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thanks @taran_1407, now i got it :) .During the contest i was unable to figure out how its answer is 31 , but now i am comfortable with it :)

(11 Nov '17, 01:36) devu_12341★

Even i wasn't able to figure out during contest :P

(11 Nov '17, 03:22) taran_14075★
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