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Can someone please spot out the time consuming factors in my code for the question from Novembor Long Challenge and how to get AC in all 3 subtasks(where to optimize! :(). I tried a lot to optimize but this is the bare minimum thing that has to be calculated in order to reach to the final answer.

Here's the link to my submission :

I am getting TLE in one test file each of subtask 1 and 2.. and TLE in the first 2 test files of subtask 3.

Thanks, in advance. :)

asked 14 Nov '17, 00:36

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I have just posted editorial for this problem here. Exactly explaining how to optimize as constraints were too tight.


answered 14 Nov '17, 00:40

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edited 14 Nov '17, 00:40

I have read your post, bro. :)

But can you just take a quick glance at my code and probably say what can be some possible TLE causing factors and how can I rectify to get an AC. :)

That would of greattt help !

(14 Nov '17, 00:43) jaideeppyne5★

I'm not much in c++, so i can't say much. But i guess vectors are making your solution slow. Prefer using arrays when constraints are one of the tightest i have ever seen

(14 Nov '17, 00:44) taran_14075★

Use arrays in place of vectors. Maximum number of prime factors of P will be 10. Enjoy coding!

(14 Nov '17, 00:55) taran_14075★
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