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My approach for SMRSTR(November Lunchtime)

Problem:- SMRSTR

It says that we have to optimize the code snippet given in the problem. We can observe that for every value in the X array we do the same thing by dividing it repeatedly by all the elements in the D array i.e we just divide every value in the X array by the product of all elements in the D array. So, we can proceed by finding this product only once. But according to the constraints the product results in a very big number. But we can observe that if product is greater than the largest element in X array, then answer becomes zero for all of them. So, we stop calculating the product when it crosses the largest element in X array. Since, largest element in the X array satisfies our constraints, we can ensure that our product doesn't overflow. If the product does not exceed the largest element of X array we simply find it and divide it with all the elements of the X array and print the result. This gives us a runtime of O(n) which is enough for this question.

If there is a better approach, please do comment it. Here is a link to my solution:- Click Here

If anyone did solve the second problem L-R queries, please explain me. Thanks.

asked 26 Nov '17, 00:33

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Thanks bro!!!

(26 Nov '17, 01:06) ramini2★

How about this( approach, It looks easier.


answered 26 Nov '17, 16:15

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