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CSUBQ november challange here the link to the question. so here's what I did.....for each query I calculated for R and then for L and the difference of both is what I got as an answer. for each query, it is taking O(4*n) =~ O(n). but this only fetches me 25 points. here's the link to code

asked 29 Nov '17, 11:34

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you said for each query O(n) and there are q queries so, O(qn) which didn't pass! so, what was wrong here?

(29 Nov '17, 13:50) pk3012★

Wow! That sounds fishy. I observed your code. Your solution takes exactly O(n * Q), so forcedly it fetched ya 25 points. Ya gotta read author's solutions in codechef's discussion. Tryna use BIT and heap to solve it again! Good luck to ya.


answered 29 Nov '17, 14:54

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edited 29 Nov '17, 19:55

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