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Help in L-R queries lunchtime

I am working on question L-R query from Lunchtime . I followed square root decomposition. So for l to r query i pre computed a blocks in form of multiset containing the elements only. Then if the query found in the range of a particular block i do lower_bound and upper_bound and find the element which is close to (a[l]+a[r])/2. And then compare the results with other block. For update i simply found the block in which the element is present and remove it and update it with new value and simply update in original array. I am getting W.A. if i use lower_bound only and TLE at original task if use upper_bound. Please help me to get A.C. Thank you in advance.

asked 29 Nov '17, 21:53

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edited 29 Nov '17, 22:12

I think you misunderstood how lower_bound and upper_bound work. lower_bound gives the closest element>=(a[l]+a[r])/2, whereas upper_bound gives the closest element>(a[l]+a[r])/2. You'll get the larger element using lower_bound. For the smaller one, just take the element which comes before lower_bound().

Also, you have to check if lower_bound!=b[i].end() as that can give runtime error.


answered 30 Nov '17, 02:02

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Thanks, because of you get A.c. in 2.94 s.

(30 Nov '17, 08:07) droy05284★

And thanks you worked on my code rather then only working on description only.

(30 Nov '17, 08:12) droy05284★
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