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Codechef T-shirts are now available

Hello folks,

I know that many of you are waiting for codechef T-shirts since a long time. The stock has been updated and now codechef T-shirts are available.

UPD: Codechef bags are also available.

asked 05 Dec '17, 15:03

hruday968's gravatar image

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edited 05 Dec '17, 15:49


Ummm... when would the image of the newer T-shirt be put? I would like to have a look at the colour before ordering.

(05 Dec '17, 22:01) dhruvsomani4★

color is black melange. It is mentioned on the website.

(05 Dec '17, 22:32) hruday9684★

hopefully the design is same, just the color has changed

(05 Dec '17, 23:11) swetankmodi ♦♦6★

One of my friends was waiting for like 3-4 months for the bottle to come in stock.

Lol, they just removed it. Now he will have to earn 200 more laddu's before he gets a goodie :|

@admin will the bottle be back or it's gone forever?


answered 05 Dec '17, 23:14

swetankmodi's gravatar image

6★swetankmodi ♦♦
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So are there any photos of the new T-shirts?

From what I saw on, it says "It differs from the picture shown in the product".

I really want to take a look at the new one :(


answered 12 Dec '17, 18:39

percywtc's gravatar image

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bottle has been removed and bag has been added.

T-shirt is showing 2 times...why


answered 05 Dec '17, 21:45

pandey_96's gravatar image

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One is an old model and another one is the new model.

(05 Dec '17, 21:46) hruday9684★
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