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Competitive Programming Syllabus


Here you can find the syllabus of competitive programming
PDF Link : Here
Original Document(.docs) : Here

asked 05 Dec '17, 20:34

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edited 06 Dec '17, 00:40

any preferences to follow the order of the syllabus? Or I should go from top to bottom?

(05 Dec '17, 21:33) kunnu1201★

@kunnu120 No the syllabus is not in order(Sorry for that).
You can follow this order : Point number 11 ,9, 8,3,2,5,6,7,4,1. And I will soon make this list in order, so no one will face problem like this.

(05 Dec '17, 22:24) codex01961★

Thank you!!

(05 Dec '17, 22:32) kunnu1201★

Your post is misleading. There is no well defined "syllabus" for competitive programming.
Th original document states that it is the syllabus for some Programming Camp, not competitive programming as a whole.

(06 Dec '17, 19:06) meooow ♦6★

This is just duplicate of

What's the point of creating a duplicate pdf and duplicate repo of the original one instead of posting the link to original doc??


answered 05 Dec '17, 23:52

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edited 05 Dec '17, 23:52

@achaitanyasal I found this document long back and I put that doc into my drive and created repo, I thought that it would be great if i will share this with all of you but I dont have the original link So i posted link of my repo and google drive link. Also thank you for sharing the original link, I will edit the question .

(06 Dec '17, 00:37) codex01961★
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