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Stopping laddu awards for Top Contributors

Hi all,

Following multiple cheating cases with the intention of getting into the Top Contributors list, and based on the opinions of many of the usual top contributors here, we have decided to stop awarding laddus for this. The November 2017 list will be the last month for which laddus are awarded. The Top Contributors list will still be maintained and published in the home page.



asked 06 Dec '17, 21:12

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It might appear like I am "hungry" for laddus, and at a point it would be right to think so.

Because I used to like getting 300 laddus at the end of month because of my editorials (My editorials usually got me in top 5, something for which i still feel grateful to users of discuss community).

I don't mind this removal of laddus, particularly after certain karma farming allegations as referred here, here and one other post nearly 2-3 months ago (I am not able to find it now). It's just that i wanted to express my low spirits that because of certain users, whole community will not get laddus.

I know this is the right step taken by admin and i appreciate that, It's just i wanted to put forward my PoV. I hope @admin as well as all users don't mind that. :)

In case admin do mind my comment and feels i wrote was not appropriate (which i feel, is likely to be the case), you would be most welcomed to remove my comment. I won't mind.

I do not expect any reply.

Thanks for hearing. :)


answered 07 Dec '17, 21:46

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edited 07 Dec '17, 21:50


Hi Taran,

We totally understand you and the whole purpose behind introducing this system initially had been to appreciate users like you. But unfortunately, due to a few bad apples, we are forced to scrape the program after a lot of deliberations. We hope the community doesn't stop the active participation because of this.

Cheers, CodeChef

(08 Dec '17, 15:21) admin ♦♦0★

Cheers @admin... with a smile (no sarcasm here)...

PS:Another set of editorials for DEC17 waiting for contest end to be posted. :)

Hope eveyone likes them...

(08 Dec '17, 17:31) taran_14076★

This is a gud idea but Since this is the last month of 2017 and 6 days has already been passed so it should

have been told before the start of the month and let this new rule be from new year.those who are currently

on top 5 in contributor's list must have worked hard to get there so don't stop them in middle instead it

should had been told before starting of the month or make this rule from new year 2018.


answered 06 Dec '17, 22:45

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edited 07 Dec '17, 21:07

pls reply@admin

(07 Dec '17, 21:03) pandey_961★

Although laddu are tasty, over eating is never a good idea... :p


answered 16 Dec '17, 15:02

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Why I can't access my laddu suddenly? It shows bad gateway every time :'(


answered 16 Dec '17, 22:56

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I had already reported this issue to @admin long back. Dont worry, they have been looking at it since 2 weeks already.

(18 Dec '17, 12:49) vijju123 ♦5★
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