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Doubt in trie

can someone explain me,what is the difference between radix tree and suffix tree??

asked 30 May '13, 12:22

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A Radix tree is a compressed trie such that every node necessarily has branching. All paths that look like a linked list are compressed into a single node.

A Suffix Tree is also a compressed suffix-trie except that it is built on a single string instead of on an array of strings, and given the property of a compressed suffix trie that we saw above, there can be at most O(n) nodes, where 'n' is the # of characters in the string.

The key difference is Radix Trees are built on lists or arrays of strings and Suffix trees are usually built on a single large string.

Hope it helps, Best Luck :)


answered 30 May '13, 12:47

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thanks a lot

(31 May '13, 10:38) hariprasath2★

@hariprasath always a pleasure :)

(31 May '13, 13:08) argonaut2★
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