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SUBMIT page can be improved.

I was reading a problem on codeChef. The problem seemed pretty easy. So instead of going into IDE, I straightaway clicked the SUBMIT button on the upper right corner. I started writing the code on the SUBMIT page. After writing the code I scrolled down to submit the code. I noticed that the language was set to ADA 95. The moment I changed the language to c++ all the code which I had written was erased. I request the admin to change the default language to something that is used by most of the codeChef members. I don't think anyone uses ADA 95 these days. Also please make improvements so that the code will not be washed away while switching languages for submission. It is very annoying. Thanks (^_^)

asked 15 Dec '17, 23:49

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You know, you can always change the "default language" to C++ by editing your profile. It will then be defaulted to your favourite language.


answered 16 Dec '17, 02:38

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"The moment I changed the language to c++ all the code which I had written was erased." It's not exactly erased if you switch back to the previous language you wrote the code in. Its still be there. I respect your opinion on this improvisation!! but I don't think it's really needed. All languages have different syntax anyway!!


answered 16 Dec '17, 00:26

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