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Bug in Codechef Rating?

Hello Guys... I am not pro at rating calculations. but recently I was showing profile of one coder and what I found this : alt text

How Is this possible ? Can anyone Explain... Sorry for the silly question but Was Confused :D.

asked 01 Jan '18, 11:05

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@nik_84 This things happened when the user caught cheating and his/her code matches someone else code which we call plagiarism and then CodeChef remove all the submissions of that user submitted in that contest and penalized that user, but many times the rating is not dropped because they will not recalculate it.


answered 01 Jan '18, 12:30

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This means that the user was caught by the plagiarism checker. It's just that codechef has not penalized the user yet. If the ratings gets updated then his ratings will surely drop.
This also means that five months old ratings also needs to be updated by codechef.


answered 01 Jan '18, 11:18

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edited 01 Jan '18, 11:46


The cheaters from the last few months have not been penalized yet because some features to do so are being built. It will be done soon. Rest assured that they will be penalized. We apologize for the delay.

(16 Jan '18, 13:11) admin ♦♦0★
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